This is the making and the knowledge of tools or machines in order to achieve a goal. It has helped to develop more advanced ways to work while reducing the time of producing or the waste of materials.
Strong team of 36 full-time employees, we manufacture various types of mechanical components as semi-conductors or related parts of optical transmission. In addition Sunrise Seiko has collected an important machinery field since its very beginning in 1997. This wide equipment associated to our experienced team can effectively produce all demands of our customers.


  • Kovar
  • 50Ni
  • 42Ni
  • 36Ni
  • SUS (303, 304, 430...)
  • Oxygen-free Copper
  • Aluminium (A7075...)
  • Iron
  • etc...

CNC Lathe - Automatic

This machine rotates at high speed, workpieces around their axis. It is mainly used to work on round and small objects.

Manufacturer Machine Type Processing Range Quantity
CITIZEN K16 ~ φ16.0mm 2
CITIZEN M12 ~ φ12.0mm 2
CITIZEN M20 ~ φ20.0mm 2
CITIZEN B12-I/B12-VI ~ φ12.0mm 5
CITIZEN B20-V ~ φ20.0mm 1
TSUGAMI B020MF ~ φ20.0mm 1
TSUGAMI S206 ~ φ20.0mm 1


This machine melts metals by using an electric wire of the size of an human hair. It can work on various shapes and on resistant materials.

Manufacturer Machine Type Processing Range Quantity
Sodick AQ325L 350x250x200mm 3
Sodick AQ327L 370x270x250mm 1
Sodick AQ550L 550x350x320mm 1
PIKAT JUNKO (AQ560L) 560x350x300mm 1
PIKAT HANAKO (AQ360L) 360x250x250mm 1

CNC Lathe - Manual

Manual version of CNC used for big diameter pieces. Screw cutting and milling are also possible.

Manufacturer Machine Type Processing Range Quantity
MORI SEIKI SL-303 12 Inch Chunk 1
MORI SEIKI NL2000Y/500 8 Inch Chunk 1

Engraving Machines

Dozens of different tools to engrave with the highest precision and the best details for all engraving purposes.

Manufacturer Machine Type Processing Range Quantity
MORI SEIKI SV-503B/40 800x510x510mm 1
MORI SEIKI NV5000a1B/40 800x510x510mm 1
MORI SEIKI TV-400 550x420x350mm 1
FANUC aT14 500x400x330mm 1
FANUC a-T21iFa 500x400x330mm 2
FANUC C-MODEL10 400x300x330mm 1