Sunrise Quality

This is characterized on many aspects such as advanced technologies, management, performance and skills. Quality is one of the most important and difficult standard a company should have.
At Sunrise-Seiko we focus on quality since the very beginning of the process till the very last step of the manufacture. We adopt a wide company quality approach based on important points that lead the whole process to a high-quality product: Management, Motivation, Team Spirit, Performance, Knowledge and Skills. Thanks to our hard work, we acquired quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 that guarantee the total implication of our company from the management to the manufacture to provide only good quality product.

Certification Standard: ISO 9001:2008 / JISQ 9001:2008
Confirmation Number: EQAICC-QA080581
Acquisition Range: Precision and conformity in high precision processing of metal parts and optical transmission.
Date of Acquisition: December 2008


Our Quality Unit counts not less than 10 employees who work every day in the facility, using all their experiences and skills to guarantee a final product at the highest level of quality. We proceed to detailed series of inspections of all products by various types of microscope and measurer.

Name Manufacturer Machine Types Quantity
Measuring Microscope Nikon MM-40 4
Measuring Microscope Nikon MM-11 1
Surface Thoughness Measurer Tokyo Seimitsu E-30A ( E-RC-S08A ) 1
3D Co-ordinate Measurer Mitutoyo CRT-PM574 1
Image Measuring Machine KEYENCE IM-6020 1
Actual Situation Microscope Nikon/Carton SM5/NSW-20PF

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